Motorbike MOT Guide: Do motorbikes need an MOT?

Published August 22, 2022
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Has your bike been gathering dust in your garage? Perhaps it’s time to dust it off and get it back on the road again? Whatever your reason for requiring an MOT for your motorbike, we can help with our expert automobile advice and guidance. Below, we find out why motorbikes require an MOT, when your motorbike needs its first MOT and how much it’ll cost!

MOT being performed on a motorbike

Why do motorbikes need an MOT?

Just like any other car and light goods vehicle, a motorbike requires an MOT to ensure it conforms to legal driving standards. The MOT tests a variety of important components including the throttle, brakes, wheels and tyres, seat, frame and fuel system. An annual MOT pass helps to give both the rider and other drivers using the road peace of mind.

When does a motorbike need its first MOT?

A motorcycle requires its first MOT when it reaches 3 years old. After this, it will need to undergo an MOT every year to ensure it meets legal driving standards.

When does a motorcycle become MOT exempt?

While it makes sense that the majority of motorcycles require an MOT to drive on the road, you might be wondering “does a 40-year-old motorcycle need an MOT?” According to Government MOT eligibility guidance, when it comes to ‘historic/classic’ vehicles, these vehicles generally become eligible for MOT exemption when they become 40 years old.

If the motorcycle was first registered or built more than 40 years ago, you shouldn’t need to worry about obtaining an MOT. However, in order to remain MOT exempt, the vehicle must not have been through any ‘substantial changes’ in the last 30 years. Such changes include body replacement or engine replacement, for example.

How much is a motorcycle MOT?

According to Government test fees, the exact cost of a motorcycle MOT will depend on the size of the engine, whether it has a sidecar and its unladen weight. For example, the class 1 vehicle category of motorcycles (engine size up to 200cc) and the class 2 vehicle category of motorcycles (engine size over 200cc) will both cost £29.65 to MOT.

However, the class 1 vehicle category of motorcycles with sidecars (engine size up to 200cc) and the class 2 vehicle category of motorcycles with sidecars (engine size over 200cc) require £37.80 for a full MOT. Similarly, the class 3 vehicle category of 3-wheeled vehicles (up to 450kg unladen weight) will also cost £37.80. The most expensive motorcycle MOT, however, is for the class 4 vehicle category of 3-wheeled vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) coming in at £54.85.

Book an MOT at ART Garage Crewe

At ART Garage Crewe, we pride ourselves on our core values of integrity and honesty, so you can be confident that your beloved bike will be in safe hands until it’s returned to you once again. Regardless of whether your motorcycle requires an annual MOT or the repair/replacement of a particular part, we can help. Eager to get your motorcycle on the road again?

To book your MOT with a reliable, reputable and highly-knowledgeable local garage with affordable prices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We always recommend pre-booking by speaking to an experienced member of our team and calling us on 01270 214445 or by using our convenient online contact form. Simply fill in your contact details and once we’ve received your enquiry, we’ll be sure to give you a timely response!

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