Are Land Rovers expensive to fix?

Published May 24, 2022

Land Rovers are a luxury 4×4 brand. The costs associated with maintenance tend to be on the higher side. In comparison to the average luxury full-size SUV, but how much more can you expect to spend on keeping your Land Rover in excellent condition?

We take a look at the most common issues with Land Rovers and how much they can cost to repair. Regardless of whether you already drive a Range Rover and have an upcoming service or you’re searching for a low-maintenance vehicle that won’t empty your wallet, we find out exactly how much fixing one of these premium 4×4 vehicles can cost.

Land Rover Defender - Cost of Genuine OEM Land Rover parts in the UK.

How much does it cost to repair a Land Rover?

According to the car insurance comparison shopping and broker app, Get Jerry, the average cost of repairing a Land Rover in the UK is around £937 ($1,174) per annum. However, before you can repair a Land Rover, the issue or issues need to be accurately diagnosed using a range of high-end diagnostic tests which are part and parcel of a full Land Rover service.

Even if you’re a budding mechanic, it’s always best to take your Land Rover to a qualified professional. If you suspect a serious issue, it could be affecting the safety or performance of your vehicle. To cover a full Land Rover service, you can expect to spend anywhere between £150-£300. This will vary depending upon the condition and engine size, as well as the make of your Land Rover.

On top of this initial service, your Land Rover may then require repairs and/or replacement parts to solve any issues or to help maintain the excellent condition – this is where you could see your vehicle repair bill substantially increase. How much you can expect to spend on Land Rover repairs and spare parts? Carry on reading!  

Are Land Rover parts expensive?

The cost of Land Rover parts will depend on the type of parts you choose to install on your vehicle. Also, the condition of your vehicle and labour costs from the garage that you work with has an influence. Genuine Land Rover parts (referred to as OEM and official parts) are more expensive than aftermarket auto parts. (Parts that are based on OEM designs, but are manufactured by a third party.)

Aftermarket auto parts significantly more affordable (costing up to 60% less). However, these parts cannot offer the same high-quality design and build as the genuine alternatives. This is because genuine Land Rover parts are longer-lasting thanks to the durable and familiar design.

Genuine Land Rover parts have also been designed with a specific make and model of Land Rover in mind. This ensures they fit perfectly every time. This makes the installation process easier given that some Land Rover parts can require additional expertise to fit. Ultimately, it may therefore be well worth spending a little extra on these official parts in the long run.

For example, if you’re attempting to restore or repair a Classic Series 1 Land Rover, it’s a good idea to seek out professional help and advice alongside genuine Land Rover Classic parts. These classic vehicles have been steadily increasing in value, so opting for official parts instead of inferior alternatives could prove more lucrative when (or if!) you decide to sell this vehicle in the future.

No to mention, Land Rover Series 1 parts are still readily available. They include everything from essential fuel system parts and engine controls, to vital brakes and suspension kits. Finding the right replacement part/s shouldn’t be an issue either!

How much does it cost to repair common Land Rover issues?

Land Rovers are designed to be an incredibly versatile 4×4 with a luxurious edge. However, hey are not immune to faults and failures like any vehicle. The most common type of Land Rover issue will vary depending upon the model and year of your vehicle. That said, there are some commonly shared issues that we can explore below.

Costs of repairing a Land Rover Discovery

Common Land Rover Discovery faults can include oil leaks, broken rear cargo latches and failed air springs. By way of illustrating, both the Land Rover Discovery 3 and the Land Rover Discovery 4 are known for suffering from air suspension failures, electronic park brake failures and crankshaft seizures. But how much you can expect to spend repairing some of these common faults?

An air suspension failure is often attributed to leaking air springs that cause an uneven height ride which can make driving both uncomfortable and unsafe. To repair an air suspension failure is tricky. You’ll need to have access to a selection of Land Rover Discovery parts (such as suspension compressors, suspension struts or even the entire unit including the housing). These parts can cost anywhere between £200-£400 to fit – excluding labour costs.

If a crankshaft seizure has your Land Rover Discovery 3 at a standstill, then repair should be your first port of call as replacement is often a much more expensive option. It’s therefore best to try and free up the crankshaft first. This is done by using penetrating oil on the cylinders and letting it sit for a few days. However, if repairing the crankshaft is not an option, then you will need to consider replacing this part entirely.

Sometimes the repair route doesn’t work. Then you’ll need to disassemble the engine and run some tests to determine how much damage the crankshaft has sustained. There’s a chance it may have sustained too much damage from running on low/no oil. Then it may need replacing completely which can cost upwards of £300 without taking into consideration the additional labour costs.

White Land Rover Discovery - The cost of land rover discovery parts UK

Costs of repairing a Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender, on the other hand, is particularly prone to bodywork corrosion (especially on the underside of the vehicle), alongside leaks from the power-assisted steering and timing belt failures. But how much will it cost to repair some of these issues and how expensive are Land Rover Defender parts? We find out below.

If your Land Rover Defender has several years and miles attached to it, then you should consider replacing the timing belt. With time, these rubber teeth can be worn down by the combination of heat and friction. Consequently, these teeth can struggle to grip the gears which often leads to the timing belt slipping and cracking.

In turn, this can also damage the engine, so it’s an important potential issue to keep your eye on. Replacing the timing belt for a Land Rover Defender is estimated to cost in the range of £522-£638. That includes both parts and labour.

Leaks are one of the most common power steering issues encountered by Land Rover Defender owners. This is why knowing how much it’ll cost to repair this problem is so crucial. Occasionally, small leaks can be temporarily repaired by adding a power steering additive into the fluid reservoir. This solution works to remove debris, neutralize acidity and stop leaks.

Sometimes a more permanent solution or to combat more serious power steering issues is required. In this case the power steering pump may need replacing altogether. For an independent garage to replace your power steering pump, it can cost anywhere between £385-£690. This price depends on the Land Rover Defender’s condition and engine size.

New Land Rover Defender - How much does it cost to service?

Costs of repairing a Land Rover Series

The Land Rover Series 1 was originally designed in 1948. The Series 2 being released in 1958 and the Series 3 following just over a decade later in 1971. Similar to the classic Land Rover Series 1 we mentioned earlier, the Series 3 is another classic 4×4 vehicle. It will only increase in value over time. That is if you maintain the condition using genuine Land Rover Series 3 parts, but at what cost?

Due to their age, Series 3 Land Rovers typically require new brake cylinders. Many vehicle owners tend to neglect consistently changing the brake fluid. It’s recommended that the brake fluid should be regularly changed. Every 19 months or after every 18,000 miles should do the trick. Having said that, few owners heed this advice. Ultimately, this can cause the brake pipes to corrode and leak and the cylinders to rust. An OEM master cylinder replacement for a Land Rover Series 3 can cost up to £50 excluding labour costs.

Similarly, the steering box and steering relay should also be regularly checked. They can become stiff, worn and damaged if they’re not properly lubricated with oil. While these Land Rover Series 3 parts are fairly inexpensive to replace, they can become rusted into place making them difficult to extract from the chassis to repair or replace. Consequently, this increases labour costs.

Where do you get Land Rover parts from in the UK?

Land Rover parts in the UK can be purchased from a wide range of recognised online sellers. This is including the official manufacturer, as well as brick-and-mortar auto stores and garages. As mentioned above, they can vary in price depending on genuine, OEM parts or the more affordable auto market parts. Choosing the right retailer is essential. Once you’ve found a reputable and trustworthy place to source genuine Land Rover parts, it’s time to service your car to identify any issues.

Which parts do you need?

As with all vehicles, the key to ensuring your Land Rover runs smoothly and efficiently is regular and comprehensive maintenance in the form of MOTs and annual servicing. With regular servicing, you’ll be able to spot small issues before they develop into more serious and costly problems.

At ART Garage Crewe, we use an impressive selection of high-end diagnostic tests to quickly and accurately uncover a wide range of issues with your Land Rover vehicle. Our team of qualified and highly-experienced mechanics can identify these issues during a full Land Rover service. We can then determine the best way to repair your luxury 4×4.

Regardless of whether your Land Rover requires a speedy repair or a full engine replacement, you can rest assured that we only use genuine OEM Land Rover parts to maintain the fantastic condition of your vehicle. These parts are specially designed to fit flawlessly into your Land Rover, providing the owner with improved quality assurance.

Not to mention, we’re also dedicated to only using lubricants and fluids that have been made to complement the make and model of your Land Rover. On top of only using genuine Land Rover parts and manufacturer-approved lubricants to repair your Range, we also offer unparalleled customer service and comprehensive servicing for prices that won’t break the bank.

ART Garage Crewe

As a friendly local garage based in Crewe, we’re always on hand to help! We’ve amassed an impressive 75 years of invaluable combined experience that highlight our garage as both highly-knowledgeable and trustworthy. So, if your Land Rover seems a little run down or you’ve been clocking up the miles, why not get in touch today?

To raise an enquiry with an experienced member of our team or to book your Land Rover in for a service, please feel free to give us a call on 0127 021 4445! Alternatively, you can also use our useful online contact form to get in touch with us. Fill in your basic contact details and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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