Why should you buy genuine Land Rover parts?

Published May 25, 2022

Keeping your 4×4 running smoothly is likely to be the top of your priorities. Especially if you use your vehicle every day. Essential for work, family life and even day-to-day necessities like food shopping, a Land Rover boast all-round capabilities with an added touch of luxury that ensures their popularity across a wide range of drivers. But is it necessary to buy genuine Land Rover parts?

Are you eager to find out how you can maintain the high-quality performance of your Land Rover? Interested to find out whether buying genuine Land Rover parts actually makes a difference? (To your wallet and the performance of your vehicle that is!) So, when it comes to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly, is it best to opt for genuine Land Rover parts?

We explore whether official Land Rover parts cost more than alternative parts. Also whether it’s worth seeking out genuine parts instead of parts manufactured by a third party. However, before we explore why genuine Land Rover parts are better than the cheaper alternatives, let’s first unpack what these different terms are and what they mean.

Land Rover Defender - Why should you use genuine land rover parts?

What’s the difference between OEM and aftermarket auto parts?

Genuine car parts are commonly referred to as OEM parts. In this instance, OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. It refers to parts that have been made by the exact same original manufacturer. This is including using the same materials and the same specifications. Aftermarket auto parts, on the other hand, are similar to OEM parts, but have been manufactured by a third party.

Are OEM parts more expensive?

Yes, genuine Land Rover parts do cost more than the parts manufactured by unofficial brands. But why and how much more can you expect to spend on an official part? Firstly, both genuine Land Rover and genuine Range Rover parts are more expensive as a result of the high build standard and considerable manufacturing process involved in creating each individual part.

Ergo, OEM parts can cost up to 60% more than aftermarket auto parts, however the latter are deemed inferior. Despite OEM Land Rover parts initially costing more money, their high-quality design will ensure they serve you well for years. This saves you money in the long run. Below, we explore what makes genuine Land Rover parts so much better than the cheaper alternatives.

Are genuine Land Rover parts better than cheaper alternatives?

It’s to be expected that official Land Rover parts will naturally cost more than third party recreations. But does the price actually reflect the quality? Yes! Not only are official Land Rover replacement parts safer, more durable and more reliable than off-brand alternatives, but they’ve also been specifically designed to fit flawlessly into the Land Rover make and model they’ve been manufactured for.

This is because aftermarket auto parts are often manufactured as multi-purpose parts. These can fit a number of cars and models. This is opposed to the genuine articles that have been made specifically with the Land Rover range in mind. Alongside offering an exact fit, they also function exactly as the manufacturer has intended, giving the owner greater reassurance thanks to their reliable and high-quality performance.

A genuine Land Rover Defender battery, for example, will not only be more familiar and easier to install in a Land Rover Defender than a cheaper alternative. But it’s also likely to last longer. The typical lifespan of a car battery can last anywhere between three to five years. Therefore, opting for an OEM Land Rover battery could ensure that it lasts up to two years longer. Thus, saving you money on both servicing costs and multiple replacement batteries in the future.

Where to find genuine Land Rover parts

If you’re searching for genuine Land Rover parts, knowing the right terminology is key. As mentioned previously, OEM parts is another way of referring to these official car parts. So, searching for genuine, official and OEM Land Rover parts is essential to opening up all your options and finding the perfect part from a recognised and reputable seller or garage.

Land Rover Servicing at ART Garage Crewe

At ART Garage Crewe, we only use genuine OEM parts that have been designed to fit your Land Rover like a glove. We also only use lubricants and fluids that are right for your Land Rover make and model. Ultimately, this provides our valued customers with greater quality assurance and even more confidence in their highly-capable 4×4 vehicles.

We can easily find out whether your Land Rover requires replacement parts. We have a range of diagnostic tests that our qualified mechanics can carry out during a routine Land Rover service. Thanks to a significant 75 years of combined experience, we provide dealership-level servicing with affordable prices and fantastic customer service you’d expect to find at a friendly local garage.

Based in Crewe, we’ve built an impressive reputation for being both highly knowledgeable and trustworthy. Therefore you can rest assured that your beloved Land Rover will be in safe hands. To book a service for your Range Rover or to raise an enquiry regarding our OEM Land Rover parts now, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Get in touch today. You can either call us on 0127 021 4445 or submit an enquiry using our handy online contact form. Simply fill in your contact details (including your name, email address and telephone number) and one of our experienced members of staff will get back to you soon to discuss your Land Rover requirements.

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