How much does a Range Rover cost?

Published July 11, 2022

How much does a Range Rover cost?

Has the luxurious interior, award-winning features and impressive power of the Range Rover persuaded you to trade in your current vehicle? Or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade that won’t be as expensive to run as your current fuel-guzzling motor. Whatever your reason might be for exploring the costs of both buying and running a Range Rover, we can help you to come to the best decision for your budget.

How much does a Range Rover cost in the UK?

So, how much does a Range Rover cost? Ultimately, Land Rovers are a luxurious vehicle and as such, come with a higher price tag than standard family cars. If you’re keen to purchase a recent Range Rover in a brand new condition, then you can expect to spend anywhere from £32,620 to £124,975 depending on the model.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this rough price range is only accurate for the latest selection of Land Rover’s brand new cars. Second-hand and older Range Rover models, on the other hand, are considerably more affordable, often selling for a fraction of this price. If you have a stricter budget, opting for a second-hand or less recent Range Rover model could be the key to swapping your motor for the luxury of a Land Rover.

Which is the cheapest Range Rover?

Land Rover’s official website shows that the latest Range Rover Evoque is their most affordable Range Rover model right now, selling for £32,620. This sleek and capable vehicle boasts superior interior craftmanship and uses premium materials to create the unmistakable feeling of luxury. With the ability to customise the vehicle, this Range Rover cost is also subject to any additions/modifications.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. The cheapest Land Rover model available.

What is the most expensive Range Rover?

Currently, the most expensive Range Rover on Land Rover’s official website is the Range Rover Autobiography featuring the long wheelbase. According to the 2022 Range Rover price tag, this vehicle retails from £124,975, but can increase in price depending on any customisations and/or additions the customer may opt for.

Are Range Rovers expensive to run?

Below, we explore the primary running costs of a Range Rover to help you budget for this vehicle. This includes everything from how fuel efficient the Range Rover is, to how much they cost to service and how much you can expect to spend on replacement parts.

Fuel efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the more miles per gallon (mpg), the better. The mpg of Range Rovers varies depending on both the age and model of the vehicle, so you can expect your Range Rover to have a fuel economy anywhere between 19-200mpg combined. To find the most efficient Range Rover, it’s worth exploring the most recent models as well as the plug-in hybrid variations that naturally require less fuel to run.

Servicing costs

In the UK, the average Range Rover service cost can be anywhere between £150-£300. The exact figure depends on the make, model and engine size of your vehicle, but budgeting for around £500 can help to cover any additional unseen servicing costs such as replacement parts. To find out more about the price of a Land Rover service, please check out our informative Land Rover servicing blog.

Cost of parts

As you might expect, the cost of automotive Range rover parts will vary depending on both the part and whether you opt for genuine (OEM) parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer or aftermarket parts recreated by a different company. OEM parts can cost up to 60% more than the aftermarket alternative as genuine parts boast a high-quality design and reliable build. This ensures they last years, saving you money on repairs and replacement parts in the long run.

Land Rover servicing at ART Garage Crewe

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